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The date: 04/07/09
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About Joanna Green & Adam Stephens

We've been to together for six years now and met at a Harvester restaurant that we both worked at. Our first date was soon after and it snowed!

Jo is a qualified swimming teacher and hairdresser (which comes in handy) and enjoys film and cooking (which also comes in handy).

Adam is a graphic print and web designer by day. He enjoys film, in particular Superman and is slowly becoming more ink than man with tattoos.


About Mary & Tony Green

Mary works at a Day Care Centre in Cobham. Being quite a michievous person I'm sure she hides the old folks glasses!

She is captain of Oxshott Bowls Club and enjoys cleaning... a lot!

Tony is an electrical engineer for the London Underground and also teaches swimming.

He's a dab hand at a bit of DIY and loves his computer games.


About Sheila Stephens

Sheila works in Guildford as a legal secretary and is currently looking for a house with her long term partner Doug.

There's also a possiblity we might sample their salsa moves on the dance floor!

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About Richard Macey

Richie has been good friends of ours for over six years and was even Jo's flat mate for a while.

We first met Rich whilst working as minions at a Harvester chain, and enjoyed many a quiet monday night shift working very little.

Rich works at a paper distribution company (much like The Office) as is in fact quite similar to Tim! Here's hoping he doesn't put the wedding rings in jelly, I don't trust the way it moves.

He should also have some interesting things to say about us both in the speech.


About Samantha Green & Natalie Warren

Jo's little sister is at Luton University studying Sports Therapy and will be graduating this summer.

Sammy enjoys going on benders and works as a swimming teacher and barmaid.

Nat is Jo's best friend from back at school and she's known her for 15 years now!

She is currently working as a receptionist and is saving up for her next travelling experience ahving recently returned from 6 months spent in South America.

She is living back with her parents but can usually be spotted partying away in Wimbledon.


About Jeremy Stephens

Adam's liitle bro, although he will answer to Jez or 'Success', is currently at Bournemouth University studying Product Design.

He will soon be out in the real world on a work placement, but in the mean time, it's too much drink and day time television all the way!

Jez also does a cool party trick with a fibre optic cable. Not at the wedding though I hope!

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